Why CornCob

Corncob particles are valuable primarily because they are highly absorbent but they are also free-flowing, biodegradable, renewable and abrasive.

corncob parts



All three portions of the corncob are absorbent. A pound of pith and chaff will absorb about 4 pounds of water, while a pound of grit, made from the woody-ring portion, will absorb about a pound of water.

free flowing

Free Flowing

GreenTru! corncob particles are free-flowing and that combined with their absorbency makes them ideal for use as a “carrier” of other products. In general, those products are liquid in form and they are absorbed by the corncob particles. Examples of carrier applications include carrying the active ingredients of pesticides, animal medications, feed flavors, and feed nutrients.



Corncob particles are sometimes described as a “soft abrasive” meaning they are less abrasive than sand but often used in the same pressure blasting equipment to clean logs, concrete, factory interiors and equipment. Cob is also used to clean, dry and polish metal parts in tumbling and vibratory finishing machines.



Corncob particles are all-natural and biodegrade outside in a matter of days, so whether they’re spread in your yard or remain on the ground from a log blasting job, all is well.



Raw material corncobs are a by-product of the seed corn industry. Each crop year brings a fresh supply of corncobs for ever-expanding uses.