Drivers Gear Up for Truck Driving Championship - With Terry Wulf

posted on Friday, May 31, 2019

We chatted with Terry Wulf to get his thoughts on competing at the Truck Driving Championships and being a truck driver.

GPC:  You're a seasoned competitor going into the Iowa Truck Driving Championships.  Do you still remember your first time competing?

Terry:  This is my second year competing.  I do remember my first year, it was a lot of fun.  There was so much camaraderie.  Everyone was willing to help each other out, even if you were competing against them.

GPC:  Any butterflies this year?

Terry:  Of course!  Having the chance to compete and represent Green Products Co. always gives me butterflies.  I'm ready to get out there and do my best!

GPC:  Do you still practice for the event?

Terry:  Yes - it always helps to be prepared!

GPC:  What about the written part?

Terry:  (laughing) as soon as I get my book I'll be studying up!

GPC:  We're a relatively small company for the competition.  Do you think that impacts our performance?

Terry:  No, we are a small but mighty team and can hold our own with the big companies!  I do think the event helps raise our profile and get our name out there.

GPC:  What do you think is special about the event?  What makes you want to compete?

Terry:  It is a lot of fun!  You get the chance to compete to get to nationals and the excitement and anticipation of getting to come the next year.  It's an honor to be recognized at nationals!  So many people are there cheering you on and they really make the drivers and their families feel special.

GPC:  Any advice for up-and-coming drivers?

Terry:  Learn something new every day.  If you're unwilling to learn then you might as well get out of the truck.

GPC:  You've been driving for 20+ years, what do you wish you could change?

Terry:  If I knew then what I know now...I would change the fact that it took me so long to find Green Products Company.  My career would have been a whole lot better.  I love driving for Green Products, it's unlike any other trucking operation.

GPC:  Trucking is going through a lot of technical changes.  How do you feel about the pace of change?

Terry:  I'm an old school pencil and paper kind of guy.  It's always hard to adjust to change, but I understand that safety is a number one priority.  I think a lot of accidents could be prevented if everyone just slowed down!

GPC:  Through your years of driving across the country, is there a specific place that comes to mind that you'd like to visit just because you drove by?

Terry:  Yes, you're going to laugh, but I would love to go to the diamond mines in Arkansas.  I think it would be cool to mine a natural diamond, just to say I've done it.